Yoga teacher and YogaBuds founder is Jackie Heffer-Cooke. She is co-owner of Norwich and Norfolk’s premier complementary health centre, The Orange Grove Clinic, and is also creator and founder of YogaBubs and YogaBumps. Most recently she has been accredited for her teacher training course YogaBubbas and is on a mission to spread yoga for individuals and families far and wide.

About Jackie Heffer-CookeJackie also teaches ‘HeadSpace – Stress Management’ to professionals, within The Orange Grove Clinic‘s ‘Health for Business’ arm, and teaches ‘HypnoBirthing’ to birthing mums (and dads) who need it.

Jackie is qualified in Holistic Massage. She treats a wide range of clients with pre-existing symptoms or those whom just want to relax or manage stress.

She is also a columnist for The Evening News and BabyCentre UK, is a presenter for Future Radio and a keen blog writer.

Jackie is a mother of two and loves nothing better than family friendly festivals in the summer and muddy wellies in the winter!