It is only a short time we can live outdoors in this country, and our family makes the most out of it. So far we have spent an inspirational weekend at latitude, we have wallowed in arts, crafts, and wood carving at Strumpshaw Tree fayre living in a tipi, we have spent a week making… Read More

This week I went to my daughter’s high school induction evening (where did that time go?). The principal spoke about the usual; doing your best, uniforms, homework, but he also spoke from the heart about three words we need in order to help support our children: Work, Rest and Play. We are used to hearing… Read More

Inspired by a visit from a friend, Jackie Heffer-Cooke, Yogabuds yoga teacher in Norwich, Norfolk, writes about how to be alone with your own thoughts and how to actually find inner peace through Yoga Nidra and Antermouna meditation. A couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine came to visit with his lovely wife and… Read More

You may have heard of the potential perks that regular yoga practice can bring, so what’s holding you back from hitting the mat to practice yoga? Perhaps you’re thinking: I can’t even touch my toes, I couldn’t do yoga! Or maybe: Yoga isn’t a proper workout, it’s just stretching isn’t it? In either case you’re dead wrong.… Read More

Really? Well perhaps! 5 ways… When we are on a ‘down’ in a relationship it’s easy to focus on the bad. Every little thing that drives you crazy becomes massive. Like a dripping tap, sometimes we can’t hear the drip, other times it drives us nuts! Yoga and meditation helps us tune into when we need… Read More

Welcome to YogaBuds! It’s been a long time in the planning, but at last, this is Norwich’s new yoga class, and what better time to open its doors than on January the fourth 2016. New year, new yoga, new you! I have been teaching yoga for six years, but up until now I have taught… Read More