I love New Year. A time to ponder on the past and turn to the future possibilities of life. We are not a nation that typically congratulates our own accomplishments, but in the first week of a new year why not have a little reflect and pat your back for your achievements and maybe come up with a Vision Board plan to make things even more wonderful next year.

Vision Board

A vision board can be a creative, enjoyable, yet prolific way, of focusing where you want to be headed in life. Sometimes called ‘a dream board’ it’s an individual medley of images, pictures and pronouncements of your hopes, goals, and desires, designed to serve as a foundation of encouragement and motivation to keep moving us towards where we feel we want to be. So on your vision board maybe add a picture of a photography class, a sunny beach, a hike to challenge you, or an Open University diploma! Sometimes it’s good to have a ten year, a five year, and a one year plan. And don’t limit yourself, dream big! Then work out realistically, systematically on a more yearly basis, how you can get there!

Vision Board inspiration

This time of year, I also usually take a truthful look at the equilibrium of my life. I take maybe six areas: Work, Family, Friends, Relationship, Adventurousness, Creativity, and kind of rate how fulfilled I am in all those areas on my vision board.  If one area is suffering I know I need to do something more to get a better balance, maybe boosting my happiness. This year I want to climb another peak with my luscious friends, I would like to actually write that book, I want to play some netball (my 11 year old school netball captain has inspired me) and our family is going to learn to sail…

On a professional level, I dig out my business goals and note books, and allow myself to congratulate what I have achieved, as opposed to what I haven’t had time to do.  I refocus the next specific goal to be down the pathway I am already enjoying meandering.


Some Vision Board focus points

When it comes to Wellbeing the NHS suggests, and we at YogaBuds  and The Orange Grove Clinic certainly agree, that there are five steps we can all take to expand our mental wellbeing, and simply be happier:

  1. Be Active – yep, walk up the stairs, get out the bike, and well, do some yoga!
  2. Keep Learning – gives you a sense of achievement and new confidence. For Sure.


And the next three perhaps not so obvious…

  1. Connect – connect with the people around you, loved ones and associates: family, friends, colleagues, neighbours. Spend more time evolving these relationships.
  2. Take Notice – Mindfulness. Be aware of the present, be aware of how you feel and think, notice your body, and be connected to the world around you. Acts such as getting involved with your local community, with charity, can all change the way you feel about life and make you more optimistic.
  3. Give To Others – yep – Give To Others. Whether it’s a large gesture like volunteering, raising money for charity, or just a small act of kindness, making someone a cake, or taking the time to tell someone you appreciate them or care. Giving will make you happier.


So here some vision board thoughts and ideas, not to make resolutions and then break them and feel bad with yourself, but to give yourself some ideas to aim towards, slowly and surely. And keep a note, so this time next year you can look back and take the time to congratulate yourself! Happy 2017!