This week Norwich’s yoga class – ‘YogaBuds’ – led by Jackie Heffer-Cooke, is stepping into its new Spring practise. The emphasis is on yoga poses to Spring Clean Your Body – so vinyasa flow yoga and rejuvenating twists. Here’s why…

Yoga Poses through Vinyasa Flow

Warrior Pose

It’s time to climb off our snuggly sofas and wake-up!  Just as the blossom blooms and the flowers start to smile, so we gently spring into life ourselves. Like nature around us, we feel the awakening of energy and feelings of revival, and that means getting rid of the old stagnant winter state and clearing out some space for the new season and planning all the amazing things you want to do.

Detoxifying, clearing the clutter – the ultimate spring clean!

Clearing out the clutter…

So our practise this month is focused on doing just that, physically and mentally. Getting rid of what isn’t working for you anymore. Clearing out that which doesn’t serve you anymore, and making room for what does and can.

A thorough spring cleaning…

So in this month’s practise we are going to wring out and massage the digestive system for a thorough spring cleaning, with vinyasa flow yoga and twists – while creating a steadiness and presence to consciously prepare to renew. Balancing the yin – mental steadiness, with the yang – physical movement and flow.


Out pranayama and meditation is focused on what you are welcoming, and how you can cultivate that seed of a concept or an idea, and watch it grow over the coming months.

A Practise Taster including Vinyasa Flow Yoga Poses…

Here is a taste of our practise for you to try at home if you like, but to really get into the groove of this month’s practise join us in a YogaBuds class and practise at home once you have found your flow…

Remember don’t do any postures that cause you any pain, and it is always best to talk to a teacher before you practise.


Childs pose – intention, what are you bringing back to life

Kneel – Sitting palm, side palm, kneeling twist.

DFD – 3 legged down dog – Warrior 1 – Detoxifying Warrior Twist – Warrior 1 – DFD

Other side…

DFD – triangle – twist triangle – and for advanced posture twist half moon with block…

Other side…

DFD – plank – forearm plank – plank – DFD

Chair pose, revolved chair pose 

Then put it all into a lovely Vinyasa Flow Yoga Sun Salutation. The perfect balance of prana and apana, in every salutation this practise allows give and receive.

Seated Twist

Seated forward fold

And finish with a Supported bridge – supported shoulder stand – supported bridge


All accompanied by this month’s music playlist, by mostly DJ Drez, energising yet soulful.


If you need help with this practise do come to a YogaBuds class. YogaBuds welcomes and suits all levels of yogis! Remember we all have to start somewhere, but bare in mind yoga comes with a health warning… once you start you won’t want to stop… and your health will improve so be warned…